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Brian & David Duggan; The Chimney Doctors

Father and Son team Brian and David Duggan have worked exclusively on chimneys since 1978. They have the knowledge and chimney expertise to tackle virtually any chimney repair problem, employing advanced chimney technology and equipment to overcome chimney repair problems.
  • Diagnosing  Chimney Problems
  • Chimney Repairs, Restoration and Relining
  • Fitting Stoves and Stove Flues
  • Fitting Cowls and Fans
  • Tar and Blockage Removed
  • Insurance Claims Handled

Special Offers

Diagnosing problems


We are the premier chimney repair specialists in the Dublin area offering our customer’s solutions to repair a chimney that is leaking smoke. Chimney 
Inspections are carried out by our chimney repair experts using state of the art chimney CCTV survey equipment. Chimney relining and restoration is what our chimney engineers do every day.

Chimney repairs are an important part of keeping your chimney in tip top condition. When this is not done regularly the condition of the stack inside and out deteriorates resulting in chimney leaks allowing smoke to come into bedrooms or lofts alike.

On our chimney inspections we are looking to see which chimney lining solution will be best for the fireplace or wood burning stove. Often chimney lining companies will only install flexible chimney flue liners, we offer a range of chimney repair services to fix your chimney and give a few options for flue lining in a masonry chimney.

We are a one stop chimney repair solution in the Dublin area, we fit fireplaces and wood burning stoves, we even install prebought fireplaces and wood burners. Our chimney lining costs are very competitive.  Chimney flue lining will need to happen on every chimney in the future, as the condition of the stack deteriorates with age. The cold weather freezing the stack and the corrosive nature of flue gases cooling, causes the original lime chimney flue linings dissolving away. Once this happens, the mortar joints in the stack start to be corroded at a much quicker pace,  our chimney lining company will come in to show you how we can repair a chimney using our range of techniques.

Chimney CCTV inspections are a great way of seeing the inside of your chimney enabling us to locate blockages in the flue or locate holes in the mid-feathers quickly and accurately to calculate chimney repair costs for you. Our chimney repair service comes with guarantees of either 10 year or 25 year, however our chimney repair work is expected to last much longer if regularly swept and the correct fuels are used, for example well-seasoned hard wood stove wood or smokeless fuels are best. We have 10 million public liability, this is because we work in larger properties that require this higher level of insurance.

If you do not have a chimney and you want to have a wood burning stove installed in your home, a normal flue liner will not be suitable, instead an insulated twin wall chimney flue liner needs to be used to allow the hot gases to travel through floors and ceilings or out through an external wall or flat roof. The insulation allows the flue pipe to pass close to combustible materials , getting as close as 50mm to a combustible material like joists and rafters.

Our chimney repairs team in Dublin  can pre-quote after seeing a few images of where the log burner is to go, or if the chimney needs a chimney fix, a picture of the roof from the front of the property will help us work out access to the top of the roof and calculate the height of the property. This helps us avoid a chimney inspection cost for our customers, as we are very accurate with our quoting process prior to arranging a site survey.

The quality of our liners are not the same as the chimney liners that are available on line. We use quality parts, which insure that our chimney repairs are long lasting.

We want to help you with the process by making it easy to use our chimney lining service in the Dublin area. As we are a chimney lining company we have the infrastructure to have people at the end of the phone when you need them. All our chimney lining fitters work only for our company, resulting in great customer service and high standards being upheld.