Camera Chimney Surveys

We employ modern technology and methods to diagnose chimney problems including sealed smoke testing and CCTV surveys.  We provide a full written report outlining our findings,  problems discovered and the appropriate solutions, including costs.

We use the most up to date camera systems to survey the inside of the chimney and diagnose any chimney problems quickly and efficiently so we can resolve them with the best and most appropriate solution.

CCTV inspection of the chimney has many benefits.
  • Identify the flues size and number of bends to confirm the most appropriate lining method
  • Establish integrity of the chimney flue
  • Look for blockages caused by animal nests, fallen debris, collapsed mid feathers, restriction caused by bends or other objects breaching the flue
  • Check for damage which may have occurred following chimney fires or subsidence
  • Checking chimneys following any major renovation by the property owner or neighbour
CCTV  Chimney inspections will diagnose any problems quickly and effectively without any disruption to the building.

A video of the chimney inspection can be made available for future reference including full reports of any problems found on the inspection.
Diagnose Chimney Problems