Fitting Stoves

  • We fit stoves of various types and sizes. 
  • We can alter and enlarge fireplace openings to fit stoves. 
  • We supply and fit register plates and stove pipe. 
  • We supply and fit slate hearths for stoves

Fitting Stoves - pic2


We install all types of stoves with our chimney flue systems.

You have several different ways of fitting a stove and this will depend on were the stove is to be situated and if applicable the constructional soundness of the chimney. If the chimney is leaking or the old lining has perished due to age, an incorrectly installed stove  can let harmful carbon monoxide fumes travel around the house and cause illness or in sever cases death. There are several affordable options for stove fitting and these can be discussed in more detail with you.

The price does vary from house to house depending on the length of the chimney.

For houses that do not have a chimney or wish to have the stove in another part of the house we use a insulated external chimney system. The standard construction is a stainless steel construction but this can be powder coated to any colour you wish (will be extra) to match the interior of the house and externally made more pleasing to see.

For open fires, gas fires and some stoves we have a way of relining using a ceramic paste lining method that replaces the old lining and keeps the size of the chimney flue. This gives you the maximum available draw on the fireplace.

For open fire that do not draw correctly caused by adverse wind conditions, overhanging trees, incorrect flue termination on the building, fireplace size too big for the flue etc, we have an extraction fan solution.